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Laminate floors have become the popular choice among people remodeling their property or building a new home. Such floors look as good as real hardwood floors but don't include the tedious upkeep of hardwood flooring. They also offer more realistic stone patterns.


Laminate flooring manufacturers like Mohawk use sophisticated, computerized technology to create realistic designs. The top wear layer is incredibly durable and easy to care for. It is also impervious to most stains, spills, burns and extremely scratch-resistant, making it perfect for busy families and pet owners.

Add value to your home with affordability

Laminate floors are installed by floating the planks over most substrates including plywood, OSB, concrete slabs and some existing floor coverings. The planks and tiles have tongue and groove edges that lock them together. These floors are never secured directly to the sub floor, making installation possible almost anywhere.


We carry Mohawk Laminate flooring. Carefully mimicked, Mohawk laminate flooring takes naturally occurring patterns and painstakingly replicates color tones and hues of seasons. Rich oaks and hickories, warm maples and cherries, soft teaks and pines and rosewoods and walnuts, as well as realistic looking stone and ceramic.

Make life easier with laminate floors

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